Hello, we’re
Digital Boomerang!

We make creative stuff for the web and we will work for food. What else do we do? Here are 13 things about us you didn’t know you wanted to know.




Come look look, see see! We’re located at:
323C New Bridge Road, Level 4
And we’re open from 9AM to 6PM

Here’s our number—don’t be shy, call us ;)
(+65) 6221 2033

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Design +

What we do is produce user-focused design and effective content, based on in-depth research and data analysis. We’re very familiar with Design Thinking, which we use to build websites and apps.

And we’re especially excited to create stunning visual content, where our writers and designers come together to make babies. Beautiful babies, like infographics, data visualisation, webcomics and informative eye candy.

Of course, to prove our web cred we also do some coding, work with Content Management Systems (CMS), and frequently geek out over the latest gadgets, tools and apps.


of Stairs

Yes, we take three flights of stairs each morning to get to our office. And no, our office doesn’t have any lifts. That's how we tone our sweet, sweet glutes and stay healthy.




They’re the head honchos and PMs (or slave-drivers?). You can spot them in the wild chasing after sales leads, presenting to clients, and downing a glass of whiskey—okay, three glasses—after a long day.


Who creates our picture-perfect illustrations and websites? Our magical pixel-pushing pixies, of course! They're the ones with the dreamy, faraway look in their eyes (probably due to lack of sleep).


These are our wordsmith-slash-typist-monkeys: they love picking apart bad grammar and racking their brains over which words to use for the most impactful copy. You won't believe how long it took to write these two lines.


Our research team runs around behind the scene, interviewing users and crunching data. They're the brainy analytical people (read: nerds) who provide the direction to our design and content.


day of
the week

*Just a fancier way to say Friday

We have a staff meeting every Friday where we talk about what we’ve learnt during the week, update each other on projects, pig out on snacks, and enjoy each other’s company (aww... so sweet, right?).


every month

Also the number of times per month we annoy delivery guys with our endless flights of stairs. To be honest, six times per month is probably a gross underestimate, but let’s leave it at that, shall we?

and nights
a week

That’s how much time we spend thinking up new ideas, designs and content. We live, breathe and dream our craft.

Hyperbole aside, you should try keeping a notebook by your bed to jot down those crazy dream-baked ideas when you wake up. You never know what might pop out.

8 Die die
must try
food places

Once in awhile we brave the elements and venture to the great outdoors for a yummy lunch.

We highly recommend Chinatown Market, that Thai place behind it, the nasi lemak store we took two years to spot, ex-Sugar Granny, roast meat at the back, roast meat in the middle (that’s right, we are serious about our roast meat), the nasi padang place behind, the Bak Kut Teh shop, and Maxwell Food Centre.

That’s nine. Oops. If you do drop by for a visit, we’ll show you around and fatten you up.


When our office gate, door, and door (GDD) opens. Time to down that cup of coffee and get to work, baby!

10/ 10

10/10: Our energy level after having our first cup of kopi, or when Rupert is in the office. He's a bundle of joy (and, at times, a bundle of barks).


Yoga Mats

We do weekly pilates after work on Monday. Told you we have sweet glutes.


every year

We spend 12 months a year thinking about where to explore on our next company trip—Kashmir? Maldives? The real Cebu?

Also, you thought we were going to say “12 months per year working hard on projects”, didn’t you? Well, we do that too.

13 Years
in the making

13 years. That’s how long we’ve been around making web stuff and helping our clients achieve their meaningful objectives. And we’ve snagged some awards along the way too (*pats self on back*).

And we want to help you—yes, you!—make meaningful web stuff. So call us, maybe?

(+65) 6221 2033
323C New Bridge Road, Level 4